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As a FIRST Team our goal is to inspire in young people, their school and community an appreciation of science and technology, and of how mastering these can enrich the lives of all.

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The FIRST Robotics Competition is an exciting, multinational competition that teams professionals and young people to solve an engineering design problem in an intense and competitive way. The program is a life-changing, career-molding experience and a lot of fun. The competition reaches more than 615,000 students in over 4000 teams. Our teams come from over 100+ countries including Canada, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Isreal, the U.K., Australia, and almost every U.S. state. The competitions are high-tech spectator sporting events, the result of lots of focused brainstorming, real-world teamwork, dedicated mentoring, project timelines, and deadlines.

Colleges, universities, corporations, businesses, and individuals provide scholarships to our participants. In 2019, more 80 million dollars in scholarship opportunities are available. Involved engineers experience again many of the reasons they chose engineering as a profession, and the companies they work for contribute to the community while they prepare and create their future workforce. The competition shows students that the technological fields hold many opportunities and that the basic concepts of science, math, engineering, and invention are exciting and interesting.

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